Kathy A. Moore / Paintings and Drawings
Three Way Mirror With Three of HeartsNestled and Tucked Still LifeVase, Pear and SpoonLooking Down Flowers and MarblesLooking Down upon Shell, Flowers, and MarblesRed Vase, Striped Cloth with OnionThree Way Mirror With GarlicMirrored Still Life on Striped ClothNestled and Tucked Still Life with MatisseNorth Light Window on Still LifeNestled and Tucked2018 Solo exhibit of 20 works at Sinclair Community College, Dayton Ohio.2018 Solo exhibit at Sinclair Community College in the Triangle Gallery, Ohio.2018 Solo Exhibition at Sinclair Community College, Dayton Ohio2018 Solo exhibit at Sinclair Community College, Dayton Ohio.2018 Solo exhibit in Triangle Gallery at Sinclair Community College in Ohio.Still Life Pointing to a JarGolden Vase on Countertop Still LifeBlue Marble Still Life on Violet ClothStriped Cloth with Shells and MarblesApril Still LifeLandscape in Still LifeLooking Down Upon Still Life on Violet ClothFlowers with Black MugFlowers, Pears, and LightbulbLooking Down Upon Tabletop LandscapeTucked and Nestled StudyTucked and NestledLooking into Flower's FaceStill Life with Jar and Self PortraitCircular Still LifeStep in Closer and Look DownIntersections and ConnectionsStill LIfe in StudioInstallation shot of one of the paintings purchased in 2008 for the Family Health Inc., Greenville, OH. Displayed in their lobby (corporate collection). Studio Still LifesInstallation shot of two of my paintings purchased in 2008 for the lobby of Family Heath Inc., Greenville, OH medical building  (corporate collection).Step Back and LookSelf Portrait in Still LifeInstallation shot of paintings purchased for lobby of Family Health Inc. in Greenville, OH.Still Life Pointing to a Jar-Tonal StudyCircular Still Life from the Side-Tonal StudyIntersections-Tonal StudyLooking Down at JarPointing to Jar-Tonal StudyConnections-Tonal StudyStep Back-Tonal StudyCircular Still Life-Tonal StudyStill Lifes in Interior-Tonal Study
Still Life oil paintings
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